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yRIbz5-QSeYFqM:What Do Kids Use as ID for Check-in at the Airport? | USA Today

Thursday, March 01, 2018 review it is a scam and are of the same owner. EVERY picture on both sites are from the shut down reddit channel r/fakeid, stolen from other sites, or on google images.

After the bust of a somewhat famous fake id maker r/fakeid purpose could no longer be kept a secret and was shut down.

For so long a US based forum one should automatically not trust based on location where the FEDs have jurisdiction moved in on the channel. Started by a scammer to promote his scam fake id sites. Perfect harmony which the FEDs do all the time! Let the small fish go who keeps order (removing any post about his scams or FEDs) on the forum. In return the FEDs get to focus on those dumb enough to trust a fake id forum based in the US and bust sellers and buyers.

Getting many reports of selective scamming or maybe Texas boy as I know him got busted too. Just maybe the FEDs are running his site which they often do, until the word gets out, and they can bust no more buyers. You have been given the info I receive, be cautious.

Contact me, if you have info or questions:  canadafakeidscam (Add in the @)

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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

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Reddit r/fakeid SCAM Warning & Threat Buying Fake IDs

UPDATED: As of February 2018 r/fakeid has been shutdown! 

This is a dire warning for those looking for a fake id. I do not recommend ANY site I just hope people read this. I consider this the most important warning I have written.

Usa Today Airport Use Do in At What Check Id Kids As For The
Reddit has a channel r/fakeid. After many months of following, reading, and many emails I can't remain silent.

First Reddit is located in San Francisco California and according to Reddit's own policy this channel is in clear violation. Reddit has received many complaints and even news articles written on r/fakeid.

in At As Id Today Use Do Kids The Check For What Airport Usa
Now, why is this channel not shut down? It is the only channel that when it comes to illegal items assigns "vendor" tags next to the users name who makes fake id. You do not see this on any of the drug forums or other illegal items. Those forums strictly forbid reviews, posting URLs of sites, let alone assigning vendor statuses. After messaging mods of these other forums they made it clear that they have been warned by the upper staff of reddit to never do so and monitor these forums.

SO WHY do the rules not apply to r/fakeid?
Check Do Today The Airport Id in Use As What Kids Usa At For

First let me ask you, would you do daily shifts for many hours as mod for a fake id channel for months or years for nothing in return?

After months of researching I saw a pattern that many have emailed me about. Seems NEW legit fake id makers turn to r/fakeid to become reviewed and sell fake id. Most young and have not done their homework. After a few months of sales they simply disappear. In other words they get arrested.

Seems the perfect relationship! The FBI has found an easy way to catch new fake id makers. They overlook the scam mods who are scammers keeping order and quickly erasing any post exposing this or buyers not receiving their ID purchased. The scam mods make sites which anyone can tell is by the same few people over and over. Post a few good reviews as a customer, and scam away. Once too many are posting about never getting their fake id to keep deleting the mods claim it a scam. Next thing you know a newly registered site appears selling the same IDs and it is mod cleared as legit, backed by a few fake reviews, and off to scam again. Over and over.
What As At Id Usa in Check Today For The Do Kids Airport Use

I then reached out to every site listed as a scam. Most did not reply to defend, so I conclude they may well be a scam, but a few did. They were very aware of what I have written above and agreed. Basically, if you are outside of the USA in a jurisdiction like China where you cant be shut down by the FBI they label you a scam is what one site told me and actually sent me a free fake id to prove they are legit. Was a very good fake id. All I can say with absolute certainty at least one site on their scam list is not a scam.

I would say if you value your freedom avoid r/fakeid. Getting caught up in a bust of a fake id maker you ordered from and has your info as a customer. Even worse the id maker has already been arrested and the Feds are running the site or email and you make a buy.

Only sound advice is ENSURE the fake id site is not in the USA. I have read so many articles and the few sites in the USA or Canada (that are legit) get shut down. Only sites that seem to deliver are in China. Google "china fake ids" in their news section. Do be aware some scam fake id sites are using Western Union to send payment to China. Does not mean they are actually in China. Just collecting WU payments and sending you nothing.

Contact me, if you have info or questions:  canadafakeidscam (Add in the @)

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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Fake ID From China

Statistics show over 80% percent of college students have used a fake id to purchase alcohol and enter a bar. In today's world of government officials braking every law they make for the public it is no wonder those under 21 are seeking out fake ids. Why follow the law when those who make them do not? This seems to be the new motto of this generation and rightfully so. By law you are an adult at 18, can vote, go to war over oil for your government controlled by big businesses, but not responsible enough to consume alcohol? Something is very wrong and more are awakening to this fact. new breed of websites have emerged selling replicated fake driver licenses. Based in China is well known on college campuses as the go-to website for fake ids. There are even websites that give detailed reviews of fake id makers like or Recently US congress sent a letter to the Chinese government urging them to take action and shut down the fake id websites. These requests have been ignored as China does not go on bended knee for the USA. Holding the majority of US debt and could collapse the US economy overnight by dumping the bonds that China holds, it is clear China has no need to be bullied by the US government. It appears very easy for these sites to slip their ID cards through Customs. Considering the thousands of parcels entering the US daily it is no secret Customs only search a fraction of what passes through. While the US government wants the public they see as sheeple to think they have total control, it is far from the truth. For as little as one hundred dollars a fake id can be purchased online. The fakes reportedly come encoded and will scan just as a real license with the Holder's information. Also, the ids include very sophisticated security features like microprint, ghost images, UV ink printing, and more. Printed on the same card stock teslin, these fakes are not just cheap laminated cards. They are highly accurate in replicating US driver licenses to where even experts, let alone nightclub doorman, can not tell them apart from a real government issued id card. Showing these fakes to doorman with scanners and black lights putting the fake ids through the tests. The doorman had no idea they were fake and reacted in disbelief. Some say it is best to wait until you are 21 years of age. With the internet and ease of purchase of a quality id card, underage college kids are finding it hard to not click their way to being 21 in minutes.

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Today Airport Kids The As At Id Usa Check Do in What Use For Now Identity Theft Scam Report

Update 11/09/2016 changed the website name to then started scamming and shutdown. Sold domain RGF which forwards curently to Draw your own thoughts on that website. No legit site would befriend a scammer and identity thief, buy his defamed site, and forward to his site. Not if you are legit anyways don't you think?
Usa At Today Airport Do Check For Kids Use Id in What As The

KEEP sending me emails and I will keep reporting when I can group enough together and verify it as the truth.

I received an email from a guy who bought a fake id from Told me a story of how his credit was ruined due to identity theft starting a few weeks after his purchase from RGF. This guy put the blame on RGF. I asked how could they do this as to get a fake ID you do not provide info that is not already public knowledge such as your name and address? He replied that RGF sent him an email that his SS# was needed for his state to format the driver license number, and he gave it to them. Still could be a coincidence, but since this first guy I have received numerous emails of the same story. This guy was the wrong guy to mess with and has done lots of digging and apparently got into RGF's server. I am posting the info he gave me below, so if you are a victim of RGF you know who to complain to:
Today Usa For Kids The Do Id in As At What Use Airport Check
The owner of is Andrew “Fashion” Thompson This guy is a huge tool bag and enjoying his money off of stealing peoples identity. I have a ton of info on Andrew for anyone who emails me and wants it. This guy sent me everything including other illegal activity he is into.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Spot Fake ID Website Scams

Want a fake id? Take just minutes to READ my blog or ELSE.

I have spent a lot of time getting ripped off until I got a fake license a year back. I spent a lot of time to research and give you the definitive guide to NOT getting ripped off buying a fake id. If you do not believe what I say below or read it word for word, then you get what you deserve as I said above.

Spot a fake id scam site! Easy as 1.2.3...

You know its a scamin As What The For Airport Today Id Kids Use Check Usa At Do when...

The fake id site shows you images or video of a license that is blurred out or covered. Covering up your own license information and image, then taking a video of it, like you made it, does not fool anyone does it??

They make you pay by Western Union. Western Union is law enforcements best friend. Only fast cash scammers use Western Union asking you to wire money to some name in a foreign land. Real fake ID makers never use this payment when law enforcement track the seller and buyer to arrest.

They ship by USPS. Not one legit fake id maker is in the USA or Canada anymore, I can say this with 100% certainty. Known fact the USA scans the front of all domestic mail and keeps a log (NSA). This means anyone in the USA mailing fake id can be busted. Just takes one LE to order the fake id, then check the database from where it was mailed, do a stake out, and the seller is toast.

Alabama The Sense Id Upholds In Win Common For Voter Law Judge Hz5PxWvW

Location... Location!. There are plenty of sites claiming they are genuine, but just wait until you see the novelty junk you actually receive in the mail, if it comes at all. Only legit sites operate out of China, like ID chief and a few others. Again, NOT one legit fake id maker is in the USA or Canada anymore, I can say this with 100% certainty.

That wasn't hard to read now was it? Now, if you only stick to the above warnings you got a chance. I do not recommend any sites, but you can always email me below with my advice on a site. I get lots of emails and try to respond to them all.

canadafakeidscam @ 







From Driving Noida Extract Up License India qqwfxEPv

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Welcome To Joysingersids Welcome To RBwaRvq
quality club Https movies cytsyifyvideo5 el full hd watch cf mov z0rzqDO NOT BUY FAKE ID FROM A SITE THAT MAKES YOU SIGN OR AGREE TO ANY CONTRACT OR TERMS OF PURCHASE.

in Airport At Today Check Usa Id Use For Kids Do As What The









#1179 Station A Nanaimo BC V9R 6E7 Canada

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