How Much Will a Bachelor Party Cost?

I am sort of the unofficial chairman of the budget committee for my friend’s bachelor party. There are about a hundred and twenty guys who have committed to going, but we figure that in order for it to be a great party everyone has to make a financial contribution and we want to figure out what we are going to do. I am talking about party bus rentals at a Toronto party bus company for cheap right now, but from what I can figure out we would need at least three of the party buses. That is because the largest of them is only capable of carrying a maximum of forty five people. At least that is the most that you can get into the ones that this Platinum party bus people have on offer. Of course that is just one of the many things that need to be considered when you are working on a budget.

The party bus is needed because they want to have a sort of rolling party which starts at one adult entertainment club and goes through several others. Obviously they have a great number of highly rated clubs of this sort in Toronto, but you have to end up some place else. I was thinking that a hotel room is certainly less than ideal for this purpose. Obviously the idea is going to be to have a party which last until late at night and everyone will have a very loud party. If you do that at a hotel, then eventually the other tenants are going to want to get some sleep. It is not going to be too long before the Toronto police will come and knock on the door of the hotel room. So I figure that we need a place that is secluded.

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