Party Bus for 50 People

I need to rent a huge party bus, and I am not sure which are the biggest sizes that they come in. I guess I could search for “world’s biggest party bus”, but that would probably yield some ridiculous results that aren’t applicable in my situation. Rather, what I need to find is a 50 passenger party bus in Toronto that is available for rent on a Saturday about 3 weeks from now. I should have had this planned out sooner, but well, some things changed, and we are having to make some last minute adjustments to the plans that had otherwise been finalized over a month ago.

It is kind of frustrating, so I hope that I will find a party bus of such size that is available to rent on the day that I just mentioned. I am going to try to go ahead and reserve it tonight, because I do not want to wait any longer and risk increasing the odds that we will be out of luck. The reason we will need this party bus is because my son is getting married, and we now have more guests at the wedding than we had anticipated, and as such, we are going to have to change venues for the reception, as there simply is not going to be enough room to seat everyone there.

So, due to the change in venue, we now have the added complication of having to provide transportation for all of the guests, so that they will be able to attend the reception as well, if they choose to do so. I imagine that almost everyone who is going to the wedding is going to go to the reception though, because that is the best part of a wedding, at least in my opinion.

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